Wildlife Garden

Saith Ffynnon Farm, Holywell

Saith Ffynon Farm in Flintshire - rewilded meadows and garden - One-acre wildlife garden with 8-acres of unimproved wet meadows, native woodlands and ponds.

'Saith Ffynnon' means Seven Springs or Wells, and we sit on the spring-line where the limestone of Halkyn Mountain just to the south hits the boulder clay. Hence lots of natural springs pop out in the wetter times of year. (This is also why the ancient 'Holy Well' of Holywell is just a few miles away). A farm has been on this site for at least 350 years, and the fields have never been ploughed or re-seeded with modern grasses. Some of the original orchard trees remain as well as some rare wild flowers.
The one-acre garden and adjacent fields of 8 acres, over more than 30 years, have been planted and managed to enhance the wildlife visiting the area, especially butterflies and other insects which are the basis of the food chain for birds, bats, small mammals and then the larger birds and mammals that feed on them. Several different types of habitat are represented in a relatively small area.
The gardener, Jan Miller-Klein is a well-known geologist, naturalist and writer who has appeared on TV and Radio and given public talks on the links between nature conservation and gardening for over 20 years. She is the author of books like 'A Country Diary for North Wales' and 'Gardening for Butterflies, Bees and other benficial insects' as well as media articles and Blogs. She runs her website www.7wells.co.uk which also sells plants for wildlife.
In her garden she tries to show a relaxed way of combining gardening with helping wildlife - a topic that is becoming increasingly popular. When you visit you will find wildlife to see – like pond creatures in an aquarium, moths just caught the night before in a light trap, cameras on live bird nests or next to the badger sett, wild flowers and their seeds to collect; and children as well as adults will be invited to join in their identification and study.
However Beware! There are nettles, prickles, hidden ponds and uneven ground! Please wear appropriate clothes and footwear. Children are very welcome, but should be accompanied by an adult.

Saith Ffynnon Farm Opening Times 2022 - click here


  • Telephone: 01352 711198
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • Postcode: CH8 9EN
  • County: Flintshire


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