Farringford Tennyson Garden

Farringford Gardens

Farringford Garden - Find out more about Tennyson, his family, and his love of gardening and the natural world!.

We are delighted to reopen Farringford Gardens to the public and we hope that during your time here you will enjoy learning more about Tennyson, his family, and his love of gardening and the natural world.

Elsewhere, visitors can explore the copse with its enchanting woodland perennials, and enjoy a walk around the recreated historic parkland, which affords lovely views of the house, and of High Down, its rounded upstanding ridge referenced in Tennyson's poem,
"To the Rev. F. D. Maurice.":-
"Went to our withey bed, such beautiful blue hyacinths, orchises, marsh marigolds and cowslips. Wild cherry trees too with single white blossom.
The park has for many days been rich with cowslips and furze in flower. The elms are a golden wreath at the foot of the down, we admired the mespilus in flower and the apple trees with their rosy buds. [Alfred] dug the bed ready for the rhodedendrons.
A thrush was singing among the other birds, as he said 'mad with joy'. At sunset the burning splendour of Blackgang Chine, and St Catherine's, and the red bank of the primeval river contrasted with the turkis-blue of the sea (that is our view from the drawing-room) make altogether, a miracle of beauty. We are glad that Farringford is ours."

You may also be lucky enough to catch sight of the red squirrels that have made Farringford their home.

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