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SNOWDROPS - where to see them in 2024 plus PHOTO TIPS

Where to see Snowdrops across Britain in 2024 - we feature all the best! plus 'PHOTO TIPS'


Snowdrops are starting to flower and there will be great displays from now until the end of March!
Click here to see over 70 of the best places to see them, and hopefully one near you

It is not easy to get great photos of snowdrops or snowdrop displays:

Get down low if you can! This photo at Lacock Abbey was taken at the same level as the snowdrops for a good side on image!


Zoom in from a distance!
Stand away from your chosen subject and zoom in  for a blurred background.
The image below was taken in our garden.


Try to have a blue sky in the background. This will contrast well with the Snowdrops. This image was taken at Painswick Rococo Garden!


Take the viewer with you on a Snowdrops Walk - Try to include a path or track to lead you into the Snowdrops Displays perhaps with people to give scale!


I am not a professional photographer but over the years I think my images have improved.
I hope that you find these tips useful!

Paul Leitch - Creator and Editor