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Follow Great British Gardens every day on Facebook

Did you know that we post updates every day of the year on our Facebook page?. You will be amazed at what you can find.

Our Facebook Social Media page has 84,000 followers and a Group page with 30,000 members.
We post items on the page every single day of the year including Christmas Day.
We feature lots of items of interest to Garden Lovers around the world including:-

  • A daily image of a garden in The British Isles. The images are often taken the same day as they are published.
  • We publish virtual tours of gardens following visits by us.
  • We join in National Events. This year we were a leading contributor to the National Gardening Week.
  • We hold photo competitions with prizes.
  • We have a selection of short videos created by Great British Gardens.
  • We answer questions on garden topics including requests from Overseas garden lovers about their holiday itineraries.
  • We have a Facebook Gardens Group where you can interact with Garden Lovers from all over the world.
  • We encourage feedback and the sharing of photos.